Driveway side block basement wall leaks, somebody TARRED along perimeter

umm, did tarring along perimeter of house-driveway SOLVE the leaky basement lol

what next, spend $$$$ on mudjacking a slab or two? duh

There are exterior cracks, cracked parging in the wall and water will get under driveway slabs on longer, heavier rains and then go through the stupid cracks and onto basement floor… and what about mold etc on some of the interior blocks?

Gee, leaky ROOF, hmmm so don’t bother to find-identify how n where the water is getting in duh roof, don’t fix-repair the roof and instead (if one could lol) RAISE the roof and give it a better PITCH? hahahahaha

tar,not taaaaaaared without my glassed cannot always see what i type on these dang things

inside basement same house