Concrete tile roof

I frequently see the right lower corners on concrete tile roofs cracked. It appears to be a weaker part of the tile that is more susceptible to damage. Should these be written up for further evaluation or is this typical and not concerning? Thanks of the opinions.

no need to evaluate
they’re cracked & require repair by a competent roofer

Refer it out to a qualified roofer for repair.

It looks like damage from walking on the overlap where possibly applied too tight (expanding and contracting, too) or foreign objects were not removed while installing…some kind of “high spot load” cracking is my guess.

That’s right, the lower right corners are the weakest part of the tile since they are the most exposed part of the coverlap, which is about half the thickness of the main portion of the tile. They’re usually broken by footfall.
It’s a cosmetic issue unless the broken section approaches a height of close to 3 inches, since the typical headlap on tile is about 3 inches. At about 2 inches, there’s a double layer of tile to help prevent leakage. At 3 inches or more, there’s only one layer. As broken sections approach 3 inches in height, recommend tile replacement. If the broken piece is still lying on the roof it can be glued back into place, but repair is the second best choice.

Mastering Roof Inspection, Tile Roofs Pt. 4

Scroll down to "Problems with Interlocking Edges".

We see this all the time and Kenton’s narrative covers it great

From the InterNACHI Narratives:

“[Right corner damage]]Interlocking concrete roof tiles had a number of broken lower right corners. Tiles are thinnest at their edges where they interlock and lower right corners (the coverlocks) are the weakest and most exposed part of these thin areas. Tiles with broken corners that do not extend higher than the headlap (typically 3 inches from the bottom of the tile) can be repaired. Replacement is better. Tiles with broken corners that exceed the 3-inch headlap should be replaced by a qualified contractor.”