Concrete tiles cracking only at bottom right corner

Do you know why all of the concrete tiles would crack ONLY at the bottom right corner?
It’s not hail damage.

Shipping damage to be that uniform… Tiles installed too close together will also have chipped corners but usually not just one side.


Initial guess from the picture would be.

Shipping damage
Manufacturer defect

Maybe this picture will add…

Forces of expansion and contraction.

With the right side of the tile having the overlay that would be the side that would crack easily.

When the tiles are placed too tightly, this is the result. . .

this is also the weakest part of the tile…over lap ect.

NOT!!! sorry dude your wrong on the shipping info get ur facts right:shock:

I believe I posted that if installed to tight the will break also… :wink:


Neat…I don’t see many of these and didn’t know this.:smiley:

If you look closely at a roof covered with concrete interlocking tiles, especially flat ones laid half-bond, you may see broken or missing corners. Why does this happen…?

The third cause is during the curing of the concrete. The tiles stay in a curing chamber for one to three days and are then lifted from the moulds and stacked in the yard to cure for a further three to four weeks. The longer they stand, the stronger the concrete becomes. If demand is high, it has been known for tiles to be released before they have completed their curing period. These tiles are termed ‘green’ and will be vulnerable to corner damage during transportation to site. Often this damage is in the form of a hairline crack, which cannot be seen. After a few cycles of rain and frost the crack begins to open up.

I have never seen Flat Concrete Tiles laid to tight, they can only be installed one way, so the top of the Tile meets the two protruding portions of the other Tile…they cannot be laid too tight, they basically fit together like a puzzle, a puzzle with the exact same pieces—:smiley:

Ditto…the tiles have lugs that allow them only to be laid one way and lock into place.

Good article however I have two of the nation’s top tile manufactures in my back yard and I am also a roofing contractor. I know for a fact these companies will NOT ship out green tiles. So now what…lol…

Apparently, not all manufacturers are as quality control minded as your neighbors…lol…

Good info to keep in mind as a possibility nonetheless.