condensate drain

Can a condensate line drain into a bathroom plumbing drain line. I have two heat pumps with no exterior drain lines visible. The units are located on an opposite wall from a bath and the lines arre entering the shared wall. I think they may be draining into the bath drain lines. Fla codes say an “approved location” and I can’t find anything saying it can’t be done. Any info?

Are you sure they are not draining into the lavatory tailpiece before the trap? That’s very common around here on new homes. Usually done with a length of black rubber hose to a Y connection on the tailpiece. I’ll see if I can find a photo.

Yep…here’s one that’s kinked:

In general terms …No… There is a cross connection sewer gas factor in play here unless:
as Michael pointed out before the trap but:

You cannot tap “directly” into a sewer line but you can have an air gap over a floor drain which is acceptable as the draining point before a trap.
Some contractors run it out to a gutter or condensate pump to a drain.

Thanks guys, The lines go into a wall and I can’t see any further. The drain in the bath on the other side did not have any taps before the trap or anywhere else. No outside drain line either. The builder will just have to verify where it drains to.