Condensate line termination

Is that a house yesterday I had the furnaces in the attic and I’m in the condensate line outside which is good but it’s way up in there right above a window Is there any kind of requirement that it cannot be above a window or above siding because I know condensate can be corrosive

Its probably the auxiliary drain. It is in a good place .
If it starts to leak they will know it at the window.

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My thought as well.

I agree you will usually see the condensate line near the ground. The emergency pan drain under the air handler is supposed to discharge in a conspicuous place. Most of the time this is over a window.

That’s a great thought I for what ever reason totally different think about the pan drain I’ll go back and look at the pictures

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Yep… … …

That pipe is there to let you know there is a problem with your a/c unit in the attic.
Type of furnace?