Condensation drain line

Attached is pic of heat pump air handling unit with refridgerant lines entering the attic and assumption is they loop just inside the attic. I thinking there must be another tray inside the attic or at the top of the exterior concrete block wall which has a condensation drain line exiting the building per other attached pic. Am I correct??



In this business don’t assume anything I can not tell much by your Pic’s where is the condensing unit located in relation to the furnace A-coil. Refrigerant lines should not loop not sure what you are describing. Where is the A-coil and the electrical furnace located garage, interior home, attic you are not providing me enough info to help you

If the air handler is not in the attic, there would be no need for a “tray” in the attic. Did you enter the attic?

OBSERVATION > The picture posted is the air handler with the tray just below. Line going up through the drywall is one of the refrigerant lines out to the condenser located outside. The condensate line on the exterior has a leak at the 90 by the stucco.

hope this helps!

The A coil is inside the shown air handling unit which is located at the ceiling level of the garage. As shown in the pic there is a tray under the unit and no drainage line attached to the tray. The line you see is coming out of the exterior wall but no evidense as to where this line is going. I was in the attic but it was to diffulcult to reach this area.

Ok we are getting somewhere now the Fan section and coil is elevated in the open area of the garage (conserving floor space) the refrigerant lines go up into the attic and travel to the exterior condensing unit (heat pump) across the garage attic. there would be no loop in the attic the lines travel as the crows fly point A to point B. No Reason for the drain pan to have a line connected to as there is no dry wall beneath the tray to damage if water was in the safety pan it would simply drip on the concrete floor as it is considered in a visible location

I would say yes

What are you saying yes to I have not really found out what the questions were:roll::mrgreen:

My take on the question is that the pipes that you see outside (pic# 2) are connected to the pipe that runs under the pan in the 1st pic.

There is no reason for a pan in the attic.

I think Dave got it right. The line running under the unit is likly a condensation drain line with black insulation and going into the garage/house wall and running to the exterior wall.