Condensate line.

Any body see anything wrong with this condensate line.


See I am not afraid to say so. I see nothing wrong with it looks like a good way to water the grass at no cost. I have my own A/C condensate line the very same way. Red neck

what are the rules on condensate lines.

I like that it is getting the water away from the foundation, I have seen blocks get eaten up from condensate dripping to close. Now as far how it looks, it’s ugly.

It has a trap and is draining to the yard. What’s not to like.

Mine is similar. I toyed with burying it underground and connecting it to a sprinkler pop-up to stop grass obstructing the outlet. But declined. To this day I wonder whether the condensate pump would have had enough guts to raise the pop-up to sprinkle?

James; The words you are looking for are. Not to create a public nuisance

Isn’t it supposed to drain to a visible area, I could not see the end of the line.

Thats the secondary or (drypipe) that is suppose to be located in a visible area.

Thank everyone for your replies. This is the primary condensate draining to the exterior. I just hate when I see a set up like this. It looks like some kind of engineering contraption of the sort. I just wanted a reason to write up but really couldnt find one except its ugly. Sometimes I see garden hoses hooked up to the condensate and ran over to a tree for watering.

James when water is as scarest as chickens teeth you will use water from wherever:) :slight_smile: