Condo 4 point roof inspection

Condo morning everyone, there has been a lot of insurance companies requesting 4 points on condos, I know that the a/c compressors are on the roofs of most, but for the roof section of the 4 point what do I put down, I know that the roof belongs to the condo associations, but how are you guys answering the roof section of roof life? I really would like to be further educated on this area. Thanks again

If there was no access, just say “not inspected, no access”
However, I have a drone, so I always get pics if the roof is directly over their unit

More and more HOA’s are not allowing drones to operate within the property lines of the properties they serve. How do you handle that situation?

How will they get their Amazon packages? :man_shrugging:


Lol! I saw the other day that the locals are threatening to shoot down the drones. This ought to be fun to watch and see how it goes.

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I do condo four points just as if it is a home. Most condos have roof access. Especially if AC units are on the roof. I would suggest when client calls to schedule appointment ask if it’s a condo and advise them you will need roof access. This way they can make arrangements with management to make sure access is open and you not wasting time trying to get a key to roof hatch.
If no access then you should comment just that on report.

Good luck

Simple… don’t ask! Haha.
Nobody’s ever told me to land it, and if they did, I would be done by then anyways…

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