Condominium fire doors

I’m looking for a code that states that all interior entry doors into the units (from inside a hallway) must be fire-rated.

Is this true?

Dave. my “other” job is head maintenance for a huge company i’m sure you heard of (Gilbert G Campbell? i have 72 units on Washingon st. and 288 in salem N.H. ) no matter, my point is that i know your right about enterance doors from common areas into units are required to be fire rated (for min. of 45m i think) but i don’t know the code. All of our units (over 3000) have solid core 45m fire doors, but auto closers not required. i know that didn’t help much, but figured i’d put it out there.

P.S. Dave, i called the Methuen F.D. (got 'em on speed dial) and they told me to call back in A.M. to speek to someone in “fire prevention”. they’re the codies with the answers. Do you want the #?

Excellent question Dave!:smiley:

I will be happy to hear the answer to this one.:cool:


It appears that no one has the answer. WOW…I’m surprised.

I’ll give them a call this afternoon, when I return home. I have my first home inspection this morning (since my surgery). I’ll be using my cane with a slight limp…but I need to get out on the road. My associate (John) needs a break before the busy season arrives.


I’m on a mini-vacation and don’t have the IBC on this computer. However, the CBC has the requirement for fire resistant doors on multi-occupancy buildings. The rating is dependant upon the type of occupancy - from 1 hour to 4 hour ratings.

I’ll check the IBC for you tomorrow if that is soon enough.

I just contacted the local Fire Marshall and he tells me that the doors (in question) should be fire rated. I asked for the code reference number and he states that he does not have the book in front of him.

Nice help he was.

I’m still seeking the code references, stating that all doors (that lead into a condo living area) from a common area hallway, must be fire rated.



Yes, CBC may require fire resistant doors, but where.

Common hallway doors ?
At all unit entry doors?
Basement doors ?
Main egress doors only?

Hi to all,

David, the rating of the doors would be the rating of the location they are in, I don’t have IBC in front of me but:

To determine the door or corridor requirements you would have to go back to the original specs.



The California Building Code (CBC) is similar to this. The rating of fire door (opening) depends on the rating of the required separation.

It reads like this. . .

302.3 Types of Occupancy Separations. Occupancy separations shall be classed as …four-hour fire-resistive,… …three-hour fire-resistive,… …two-hour fire-resistive… and …one-hour fire-resistive…

  1. A four-hour fire-resistive occupancy separation shall have no openings therein and shall not be of less than four-hour fire-resistive construction.

  2. A three-hour fire-resistive occupancy separation shall not be of less than three-hour fire-resistive construction. All openings in walls forming such separation shall be protected by a fire assembly having a three-hour fire-protection rating. The total width of all openings in any three-hour fire-resistive occupancy separationwall in any one story shall not exceed 25 percent of the length of the wall in that story and no single opening shall have an area greater than 120 square feet (11 m2).

and so on. . .

Dave, i too spoke to someone at the Methuen F.D. (deputy cheif) and he told me that he’s “pretty sure” it’s a 1 hour min. but not to quote him, but call back monday when the codies are in. at least there was someone there.


Refer to these sections.

**IBC Section 708 & **IBC Section 1016

Thank you Jeff.

I hate to be difficult…but do these two code numbers coincide with your previous post. Which is which?

I do not own an IBC code book at this time. I’m simply looking for descriptive code numbers that say condo entry doors (leading into the living area from a hallway) must be fire-rated.

My previous post was from the CBC, so it wouldn’t really apply. These code sections are from the IBC which may be more applicable to your area.

There are several factors that come into play with regards to fire rated corridor doors, but in general, yes they are required. However, if the condos also have exterior doors, things change depending on the type of additional egress available. Also, if there are fire sprinklers in the corridor, rated doors are not necessary.

The two sections I gave you refer to many other sections that have many variables. Without knowing the exact set-up, I can’t pin point anything for you.

Try this David

780 CMR 10.00

1011.4 Enclosure: All corridors shall be fireresistance rated in accordance with Table 1011.4 based on the use group of the space and the total required capacity of all of the exits from the corridor. The corridor walls shall comply with 780 CMR 711.0.


  1. A fireresistance rating is not required for corridors in an occupancy in Use Group E where each room that is occupied for instruction or assembly purposes has at least one-half of the required means of egress doors opening directly to the exterior of the building at ground level.

  2. A fireresistance rating is not required for corridors contained within a dwelling unit or a guestroom in an occupancy in Use Group R.

1011.4.2 Opening protectives: All door assemblies from rooms opening onto a corridor that is required to be of fireresistance rated construction shall be fire doors complying with 780 CMR 716.0.

Thank you Jeff.


You might want to read the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, where it dictates that components of means of egress shall be limited to types described in

In buildings supervised by an automatic sprinkler systems, exit enclosures, shall have fire resistive rating of not less than 1 hour, and doors shall have a fire protection of not less than 1 hour.
NFPA 13 and/or NFPA 13R

Hope this helps.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Marcel, what if there is not a sprinkler system?

Hi. Jay;

NFPA 5000 dictates that the sole means of egress from a dwelling unit of the residential occupancy to the exterior shall be seperated from the remainder of the building by a fire barrier having a fire resistive rating of not less than 1-hour. That includes doors.

NFPA 80A would further define the necessary values of door ratings as a recommended Practice for Protection of Buildings from Exterior Exposures.

You need to remember that AHJ, might superceed this requirement or not adhere by it, due most AHJ either have not adopted the NFPA’s codes and Standards or have their own. I would check first with the local Authorities at the Building Code Department on all these issues.

Code or not, for me it would be Common Sense to have at least 1-hour protection between me and my Condo Friends. A side by side Duplex should have a 1-hour seperation and so should anything above and beyond that.
Multipul stories, then two hour floor separations come into play and that is page two.

Hope this helps.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

i agree Marcel, whole heartedly.