Condominium Panel

Hey guys

I inspected a condominium town home (late 1980’s) yesterday and the panel did not have a main disconnect nor a grounding conductor coming off the neutral bar. Also the dryer circuit was protected by 40amp breaker but the wire was awg10.

I assume that the main disconnect and grounding conductor are in a separate utility space with the meter.


  1. Would my assumption be correct? Is this a common arrangement for condos? If so how does bonding of hot and cold water pipes work in this case?

  2. Is there some kind of exception to the rule for a dryer circuit that it can be overfused? I have seen this arrangement in a number of service panels lately.

Any advice is appreciated.

  1. Common for condos, yes. Bondinding of components is typically near the service equipment with jumpers at water heaters.

  2. No exception for 240V dryer receptacles (that I am aware of). Paul?

3 wire or 4 wire feeder?

The feeder to the panel has 2 hot, 1 Neutral and a bare copper ground.

Thanks Jeffrey.


Yes, you are correct in that the grounding will take place at the FIRST point of Service Disconnection probably at the main panels location for the condo’s in the mechanical room. I also suggest they make sure the proper wiring is to the " Remote Distrubution Panels" in the condo units themselves.

On the Dryer wiring, no exceptions on branch circuits for a # 10 AWG to be protected by anything other than a 30A breaker or smaller…in this example.

While smaller would most certainly cause a TRIP issue, you can’t fix it by placing it on a larger breaker…ranges can be on 40 or 50A breakers in certain case…but not in regards to a 30A appliance as stated.