Patriots versus the Colts!

My wife and I just watched a really fabulous game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers.
Green Bay lead all the way until the fourth quarter when the Seattle Seahawks just went crazy on them! The Seahawks won in overtime!

Now it is time for the Patriots to beat the Indianapolis Colts!

“Luck” is not on the Pats side tonight:mrgreen:

Wow, what a game! Frank, I’m glad you and your wife had some fun. You guys deserve it. :slight_smile:

Man O Man what a game!
I’m surprised you could not hear us screaming all the way to your house!:stuck_out_tongue:

We have been waiting all day for the Patriots to play! They are “our team”!:stuck_out_tongue:

Colts are raping the tax payers of indianapolis harder than any and all other teams of any sport! Then the owner is out driving on drugs with $29,000 in cash with him. Patriots coach is a cheater and the poorest looser in all of sports. Then Brady cry’s at every loss. I would rather watch I love Lucy reruns then watch this game.

First-quarter and the Patriots lead 14 to nothing!:p\:D/\:D/

Yeah, rather sit home and watch one of those NFL teams from Indiana… Oops. My bad. :wink:

I saw Green Bay go up big. I left the house to hit some open houses, and I come back to find out the 4th qtr was insane! :shock:

Several times we thought it was an “done deal”! The Packers had it all the way… Until the fourth quarter! Man did the Seahawks beat them up!

Right now it is 17 to 7 {Patriots leading} with five seconds left before the half!

Nate Solder who weighs 320 pounds and is is 6-ft 8-inches just ran in for a touchdown.

The score is now Patriots 24 COLTS -7:D

They’re killin’ it.

Is that the Broncos-East?

Dang, I was hoping the Colts would at least keep it close just to keep the game from getting boring.

What a game!:stuck_out_tongue:

Patriots 31 Colts 7\:D/:mwa-hah:#-o

Sorry… That the Patriots are playing “smash mouth football” and I guess I got a little excited!

Colts get desperate, and desperation leads to bad things…

Luck INT.

They really know how to play “smash mouth football”!

The Patriots have had three touchdowns in the last eight minutes. The score is now Patriots 38 Colts seven!

Patriots 45 Colts 7 with 10 minutes left in the game!

Belichick should be shot for even having Brady out there in the 4th quarter. He and Gronk along with all other starting offensive players should be sitting on the bench.

But then, heck, leave him out there. Tenderize him so the Hawks can finish him off.


That is going to be one heckuva ball game! I am really looking forward to it!:smiley: