That bites

Well, I think Seattle did really well and better than some thought this season. I think we’re growing up as a team. Just sad that we lost, but not surprised.

I was cheering for them as well.
At least they got beat in overtime, and with a 49 yd. field goal…
Maybe next year.:roll:


Thanks Steven. :slight_smile:

Yes, I think that everyone respects that it was tied throughout a good portion of the game and was so close.

Coach was sure depressed. I felt pretty bad for him. :frowning:

I sat and thought about it before the game and I just couldn’t come up with whom to pick…my judgement was correct as they were evenly matched, but that said, I don’t think much of either team, and couldn’t see either advancing to the Superbowl.

We’ve been to the Superbowl recently and I think most every year we are advancing in our teams goals and talent. We may not be the best team out there, but I think we are becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Yay Seahawks even if they didn’t win. They played well! And yep they are getting better every year!

Go Patriots!!!

It was a great feeling to sit in a bar in San Diego among all the arrogant Chargers fans. They were so rowdy and that all changed with one kick of the leg. Their rowdiness turned into silent dejection. Was it so unrealistic that a 12-4 Pats team beat a 14-2 Chargers? Marty has not won a playoff game in YEARS… I’m happy for the Pats. Nobody gave them a chance. Good for them.

Cheryl, Poor Mike Holmgren looked as if his head was going to explode after the game ended. His face was all red, and he looked like he wanted to have a good cry.

He’s always got his mouth running…

OH MY!!! Poor TL!!!

Bears still Suck.