Congratulations Claude!

Great a very deserving person

Congratulations Claude.

Maybe you could find a way to appoint a NACHI member to the NCA board. After all its suppose to be non partisan.

I would be interested in the position, seeing as I am a dual member in good standing within OAHI and CAHPI contrary to what Mr. Terry Carson and the DPPC Chair Wayne Christopher and the BOD think and have not disproven.

Thank you for your kind words, and acknowledgement. I certainly look forward to the new position. I will be spending the next few days, getting familiar with the position. There is a number of issues that require immediate attention, so I apologize if this message is brief.

Certainly it should also provide an opportunity to foster more open dialogue. I feel that one of the advantages of belonging to a number of home inspection associations is getting to know and see the best practices, wisdom and the mind-set of the members from a variety of vantage points.

Again, thank you, and looking forward to a brighter and prosperous future for one and all.

Glad to hear that and I expect you will be up to the job ,
Now if you can just find enough time ,all the best .

Also all the best To Bill I know he did what he thought was best .

Happy Fathers day to all NACHI Fathers too.

Congrats Claude. A very positive step forward.

Congratulations Claude and welcome to “ground zero” !! :mrgreen: Perhaps now, with a N.A.C.H.I. member in charge of the N.A.C. we can look forward to finally having some questions answered and some representation for all non-CAPHI members included in the process.</IMG>

Congratulations Claude!


Have you been appointed until such time as open elections for the position are held?

Why have anyone else?It an appointed position, not an electoral position. Quit stirring up trouble. This is exactly why you shouldn’t be member of the year. Troublemakers shouldn’t be. Claude has never caused trouble and has indeed been a fine leader. I can’t imagine a better qualified person. In fact, I think I’m going to go nominate Claude for Canadian member of the Year and encourage others to do the same. What an exemplary member and fine inspector to show all of Canada what NACHI is all about.


Mind your own business, you don’t understand the situation as it pertains to National Certification. As to member of the year I see that you are playing politics again. Claude is fine choice but you certainly didn’t see any harm in saying that you thought my nomination was fixed.

Please stay out of the Canadian section and don’t come here making it sound as if you know what the hell you are talking about yet again!

I do think that it was fixed. I don’t think you had anything to do with it though.

I thought you did a very honorable thing turning it down.

No not playing politics, but I think you were. Why would you ask him if he’d stand down when someone elected came along if he does a fine job administering his position?


Now you are contradicting yourself. That is not what you alluded to about me and my nomination. You accused Roy’s wife, Char of colluding with Roy and me to have me nominated. Now you contradict yourself above. Boy you really are something!

No, I said that Char and Roy were nominating the three of you. That’s all.

Thats not what you posted, let alone implied.

You are disgraceful, now you try and back out of what you said and implied.
Do you stand behind anything you ever say? Apparently not.

Find the post.


You find the post, you made it. Thats one thing that continually stands out about you, you are never able to back up or provide proof of what you espouse.

All NCA executive appointments end when the elections are held.
Half of the NCA positions will be filled through an election this fall from and by National Certificate Holders. The other half will be elected in 2008, and it carries on that way forever so there is continuity. Any National Certificate Holder is welcome to run for a position on the NCA, whether he/she is a member of a CAHPI association or not.

After this fall’s election, the executive of the NCA (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) will be chosen by the NCA from its own ‘Authority’ members. If Claude is still a member of the NCA after the election, he may or may not choose to let his name stand for an executive position.

Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill, thats what I was seeking.


No you are the one insinuating, you back it up. :roll: