Connection at SEC

I observed one of the SEC wires. Would this be the Grounded or Non grounded conductor?

There are several strands not connecting the lug and one is actually touching the nuetral ground bar & would like to inquire as to if this may be a potential safety concern.

There is enough wire to cut & attach properly.

89807 024 (Small).jpg

That is a really crappy attempt to connect the grounded neutral.

Agreeeeeed…also looks like possibly some of the Ungrounded conductor in that lug on the right was a snip and tuck job…look real close but it could be my eyes…dang pictures.

And of course the 408.21 issues going on with that buss bar…but I agree…

Hey Paul,
2005NEC has no 408.21? Are you referring to the double tapped neutrals?

ahh…thats the 2002 NEC number…might have redone it in 2005…I only have my 2002 on this PC at the office…lol…someone translate the Section please…lol…

Yes, refers to the double tapping of the grounded conductor.

**408.21 Grounded Conductor Terminations.

Each grounded conductor shall terminate within the panelboard
in an individual terminal that is not also used for another

*Exception: Grounded conductors of circuits with parallel

conductors shall be permitted to terminate in a single terminal
*if the terminal is identi**fied for connection of more *than one conductor.

lol…I am SOOOO 2002 NEC right now as I am gearing up for the NEC Update 2002 classes around VA…so I have 2002 NEC on the brain.

For those using 2005 NEC - Section 408.41…Enjoy !