Continuous Radon Monitors

Which is better Radstar Electronic Continuous Radon Monitor (RS300) or Corentium Plus - Continuous Digital Radon Monitor.

The Corentium Plus is not allowed to be used by a professional tester, so that is not an option for you. It does say that somewhere on their site. The only one by Corentium that a professional can use in the U.S. is the Corentium Pro. It is $1500.00, so I think that is a lot more than the Radstar - if I am correct. I did opt for the Corentium Pro because of its style and at the time (a year ago) when I was shopping around - it was the best one that I found so I did spend the extra money for it. I loved and still love that 2 AA batteries keep it running for an entire year. I love that it is so small and lightweight. Get a tripod for it and all you do is set it where it needs to go, hit one button and its done. When its time to pick it up - I turn the bluetooth on on my phone and within 1 minute I have the reading and the professional looking report filled out and emailed to the customer. I have zero complaints about the Corentium Pro. I can’t speak about the Radstar.

Maybe start with Radalink, it’s affordable and they take care of everything. Nice report as well.

That is a statement made by Corentium. Who approves radon detectors to be used by professionals??? No one. The EPA shut that department down in the early 90’s and actually say, anyone claiming their detector is approved by the EPA is lying. It’s all marketing. Now, yes, if you carry a particular certification than yes that certifying body may say we only endorse or approve the use of specific testers, and some states may require that certification, but if you don’t require that certification then you are not limited. I’ve used a Corentium and tested it routinely against canisters from RaData and was within the acceptable margin of error every time.

Glad you brought this up. That claim is a modern-day marketing scam and should be treated as much.
I cant count the amount of times I have had to explain this to my customers.
Id love for someone to read my article Professional Radon Gas Testing, Home Inspection Services Tuscaloosa AL
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Radon is actually one of my biggest concerns!


Most the counties I service are a zone 1. I recommend radon testing with every home inspection, regardless of foundation type. I tested a home that had a system in it last month and spikes a 27 pCi/L, system was on but blocked. Radon is a big deal and a significant revenue stream.

There is this list, which is the only thing I could find when I was looking to buy a monitor last year. It’s not the EPA, but they do run one of two major certification programs at least.

If you are interested in buying a Corentium Pro, there is a Facebook users group for them out there that puts together group buys for closer to $1000 on them.

Radalink offers to pay InterNACHI membership dues for members. - InterNACHI

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