radon gas monitor

Any recommendations for a radon testing devise? I am looking for something that I can leave onsite then come back after a few days or maybe a week and the devise will give a readout of the radon gas concentration when I come back to pick it up.



I use an Accustar Radstar RS300. It has worked well for me

Haven’t used this company but I plan too. Radalink just google them. They do a lot more for you than just a tester. What ever you use make sure they are compliant with your particular states requirements.

Radstar rs 300 and you can rent or buy the rs 800. We have 7 rs 300’s and rent an 800. They go out on average 11 times per week. If you are doing 10 plus inspections per week, you might want to plan on multiple units. They pay for themselves very fast. Less than 10 usages. Because of schedules and travel, I have a part time person just picking up units. These guys provide great service as well.


Sun Nuclear 1028 now…as they discontinued the 1029 series…
Love them …

Will grab a few of the new sentinel this fall .

Can’t imagine them getting any better …
The software and the reports are pretty damn nice as well…
interface is easy and straightforward.