Contract signed with Florida REALTORs Magazine to run full-page CMI ad.

The magazine reaches every REALTOR in Florida and will also be featured online.

Damn, I guess I am not the best…I was hoping to avoid tier type certifications.

If any CMI"S need help handling all your business your going to get. Give me a call.

Quote:(“Damn, I guess I am not the best…I was hoping to avoid tier type certifications.
If any CMI"S need help handling all your business your going to get. Give me a call.”)

**I can tell you that Nick was right about 8 months ago when he told me that if I got certified as a CMI and my business did not increase, that he would pay the membership fee. That was a safe bet on his part. With licensing in Florida I have made an effort to let any potential clients know that I was licensed and advertised my new CMI affiliation. With new brochures and business cards touting my CMI status and with 2 free published local business press releases, my business has increased over 20% . As far as I am concerned nuff’ said regarding the value of CMI. **

So, now you have screwed everyone who isn’t a CMI?

Guess everyone now will have to pony up the $395 and send in that affidavit!

I know, I know…you don’t make any money off of this either!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:


Go CMI…!

Yea, real nice.
I seem to remember a bunch of crap being thrown when ASHI introduced their branding program.
Guess it is OK to pander to the Realtors now.

It should be CML…Certified Money Launderers.

Im sure the CMI’s are exited. Nachi Management will be looking for certified master inspectors.

Allen writes:

Thanks Allen. If anyone else doubts me, I’ll make them the same offer. This CMI thing works.

I know it works, Nick…but I have to challenge the wisdom of marketing CMI to real estate salesmen. How many of them are actually looking to (1) pay a higher fee, and/or (2) hire an inspector who is likely to discover more defects?

I know the rhetoric of how it benefits them and their client…their fiduciary duty to their client…yadda yadda…but the reality in a market like Florida - where home values are spiralling downward at the second highest (to California) rate in the nation - is that the salesman’s commission is NOT coming out of equity. Instead, it is an additional 7% added to his client’s already substantial loss in value. Are these salesmen actually going to recommend a higher paid inspector over “Louie the Lowballer”?

What we should be advertising in REALTOR magazines is

I can’t believe that the other inspectors are not outraged with this.
First, you jump into bed with Realtors and with the same swipe, you force the members to pay even more money to get a certification that is nothing more than a marketing tool. How many of the CMIs have actually had their credentials verified?

Guess I’ll send my check in and deduct it as “advertising”. Should I send the 1,000 inspections FedEx or UPS?

You add this to the other scam with the contractors getting licenses for $100.00 and the free membership for taking the IR class, and it becomes quite clear, what the objective is.

Yes… To save you money and to make you money.

Anyway, Jim has me thinking. The real estate market is perfect for advertising to FSBOs. I’ll start a thread about FSBO sites we can advertise on over at the MIC forum.

Only if I pay you…more money! Or do I get a free CMI logo if I take the IR course?:mrgreen:

And I know, being a “not for profit” you never see a dime.
Maybe I should change my corporation from an S to a not-for-profit as at the end of the year, I never seem to make a profit.

Eric, I’ll personally put up your CMI fee. At the point where you realize it produces far more on-going profit than its one-time fee… you repay me. If it doesn’t work, you are out nothing and I’m out my money. If it works, you are way up, you are a CMI, I have my money back, and you are telling others it works.


LMAO…that really is a no brainer.

Nick, will you offer me the same deal? If so, let me know ASAP? Just tell me what to do? and I get on with it. Cheers!

I’ll decline your generous offer as I would consider it unethical. It isn’t all about the money.

If I wish to become a CMI, I would do it as per the requirements.

Eric, I didn’t say you could skirt the requirements, I said I’d pay the fee for you. Nothing unethical about me paying your fee. As Russell said, it’s a no-brainer.

John Acaron writes:

Done. Fill out the application and send it in. Don’t include a check. I’ll include the check. Only repay me if it really, really, really, clearly increases your profits and market share dramatically.

That sure is a sweet deal

And, how are we going to verify that my business has increased “dramatically” by having the CMI designation? As this is going to Realtors, I may have to resign from the Independent Home Inspectors of America, as well.

If you are going to make that offer to me, perhaps it would only be air that you make that offer to all NACHI members. Since you have everyone’s e mail address, it shouldn’t be a problem.