Contractor license req's

Still considering relocating to Fl. My father in law lives in a community down there and says I could probably get enough business in his community to get me started doing odd jobs, rehab work, etc. In NY there’s no contractor licensing requirements for this type of work. Is a contractor license required for this type of work down there? I looked quick on the state site and it said something along the line of a license is required before a bid is placed on a job so I’m fairly certain that the answer is yes.

Is the contractor license fairly straight forward to get, just a pass/fail test? It would be in Sarasota county, anything special about that area as far a licensing or just state license works everywhere?

I’ll also be looking into doing HI’s need to find out if my NY license will transfer but it’s a slow road to get busy so the odd work might keep me going until I can get consistent inspection work??

Thanks all for your input.

Define odd jobs, rehab work, etc

Yes you will need a license and the test is 2 days long and a bit*ch.
I past it all the first time, but I study for it a long time.

I’d recommend going here and do all the preps…
I did.

You will also have to setup a Florida LLC.

Not entirely sure of the definition? Thinking possible kitchen/bath remodels, replacing doors, flooring replacement (laminante/tile, no carpet) and other handyman type repairs? Not looking to do any new construction or anything like that.

Read this…

Some handyman stuff does not require a contractor’s license, and some do. Installing windows and exterior doors do require a permit and a license.

Here is the Sarasota County breakdown. Work within the city’s limits may vary.’s%20License.pdf

Contractors Institute was what I used back in 2003 and I passed the CBC on the first go around (long 2 days though lol) and then when I took it again in 2010 I just studied and reviewed the old stuff (with updated books) and passed it again…Florida’s DBPR doesn’t mess around so I would air on the side of caution and get the highest license you can for anything you want to do.

CGC baby :slight_smile: for the reason Mike above mentioned. My sorry *** city requires a friggin architect or engineer to make or at least sign the drawings a 3 year old when it comes to windows at least. I had the old windows from the late 50’s and that was what they told me when I wanted to remove a window and fill it in. I could have used mud and straw and still would have had a stronger opening than those old windows.