Convention Radon Certification Course

Is this a Florida members only Florida state requirement?

(Application requires $200 nonrefundable fee)

Received this email (from NACHI Convention):

For all those enrolled in the Radon Certification Course:

Florida requires that an application be filled out prior to testing. This
application must be in the hands of the State by Jan. 31, 2006

Here are instructions as where to find and where to send it.

  1. Website

  2. scroll down to: Forms Used by the Radon Program click on link

  3. DH Form 1751 (24KB)
    Application for individual certification in radon measurement or mitigation.

click on this link pdf application, this simple two page form needs to be
downloaded and filled out

  1. Send this app to this address, send it priority to

Florida Dept of Health - Community Environmental Health/Radon
Bldg 4042 Bald Cypress Way
Suite 225/235
Tallahassee, Fl. 32399

This is the direct and fastest route, the address on the application is a
mail drop and will take longer to get to them.

If you have any problems call Gail Melvin at the State Office 850-245-4288

Yes this is a Florida requirement. To perform radon testing you need a state license in Florida.

Thanks Greg…so members from other states can disregard?

This is a Florida rerquirement

At this time DO NOT send in any money. Florida inspectors and anyone else who would like to be Licensed in Florida fill out the paperwork and mail it in.


Thanks Paul.

So it is only for Fl. but the National test then can be applied to all States and filling it out is ONLY if you want a FL license??? and is FREE? not other test or fees for Fl license?

The School providing the Training must be applicable to the State where you will be performing the work.

The Class at the NACHI Convention is approved for intial 16 Hour and CEU Radon Licensing credit in PA. An Inspector from our Office will be attending the Class.

Just wondering if any Florida members have received their test results yet?

Hi Greg

Nothing yet. I spoke with Ms Melvin a week ago. She advised that the state had three weeks from testing date to provide results. That date has come and gone. Interesting???

The non-florida exam results were mailed less
than two weeks after class. Along with the
score they actually indicated which sections
you missed your questions within. I felt ok
about my 87%. Kind of wish we had more
radon around here.:wink:

I got a call from the state yesterday. The results are in.

Can we hold a grad. party for you? Greg. Margarita’s?