Florida radon testing

Inspectors spend at least $500 to become FL DOH certified for placing and picking up radon tests in Florida.
Radon Report MUST come from a FL DOH certified Radon Business. Many inspectors become certified as technician but then buy a monitor and issue a report which is illegal.

Florida Adminstrative Code:** 64E-5.1203 General Provisions (1)**
“Beginning January 1, 1989, no person may test for or mitigate the presence of radon in Florida for a fee or other renumeration unless such person has been certified.”

Inspector Ethics?
We have many inspectors “performing “ radon tests in Florida who are not FL DOH certified. We have been in the business for years and consumers call or send us copies of their reports, so we see the “illegal” report on a regular basis.
The Florida Department of Health is useless (in my opinion) in enforcing the rules. It used to bother me but our business has evolved to mostly mold and other indoor air quality issues.

I wonder if the DBPR home inspector licensing will have an effect on this problem. Home inspector organization ethics rules don’t seem to do any good either.

We like to have all our inspectors certified for radon. If you want to become certified in Florida for placing and picking up radon tests.
ESA will be having a class in Fort Myers, December 3 & 4 with the DOH test right after the class.
Florida only recognizes a couple training companies.

That’s probably because a radon test is outside the scope of a home inspection. Home Inspection organization ethics rules don’t do any good for other activities either.

Good point, guess that makes it ok to shaft their fellow inspectors.

here is the info requested by private messages, in case others are interested.

Radon Class
environmental solutions association

Florida Department of Health radon

How to Become Certified to Provide Radon Services](http://www.doh.state.fl.us/environment/community/radon/rncert.htm)

Become Certifed as a Radon Measurement Technician to
Perform radon tests (place & pickup), radon report is issued by Certified Radon Measurement Business.
Some of the best FL measurement businesses to work under
Air Chek, Inc. www.radon.com
Associated Radon Services / FL east coast / Bill levy / http://radonserv.com/
Radalink / On web

I don’t recommend Pro lab / they didn’t become a certified measurement business in Florida until we complained a few years ago. We payed money to be certified and they didn’t - real professional lab.

That’s the way with most certifications. No more than paying money for someone to certify you…

I have to agree except I feel different about ACAC cert’s and apparently so does the rest of the country at least the IAQ pros.