Converting gas range to LP

Can anyone tell me the ramifications of not converting a brand new gas range to LP if it is being fueled by LP & not natural gas?
So far I have observed yellow tipped flames.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=83b49c3061c00e3b&biw=991&bih=484

Many ranges have an internal regulator than can be switched from LP to Natural gas.

Older one require an orifice change.

Sounds like you’re running rich, producing soot and probably carbon monoxide which can be toxic.

Natural Gas is C1 & C2…
Propane is C3

Orifices need to be downsized for LP.
The BTU value of LP far exceeds that of Natural Gas…
It is Dangerous to operate a Natural gas fired appliance in LP service without proper modification…