Copper Tie in Electrical Panel

Hi - I’m not an electrician - Found this small copper tie in an electrical panel the other day - is this acceptable? - never seen it before

StarkRd 105.jpg


No, it’s poor workmanship, and terminal screws most likely not supposed to be used as anchoring points.

What I would do it comment about it, recommend it’s removal at the next time an electrician services the system/panel. Was there any other stuff?


The wire sheathing should be removed so that it does not enter the panel more than 1/4". (Spelled it correctly this time JP :slight_smile: )

How about a picture of the entire panel?

Where’d that dimension come from?



This is actually totally incorrect. It should read "no less than 1/4" ". I think this is what Marc is getting at.

You can leave all of it on if you want, but we typically do not.

That copper twisty look goofy but I can not see how it is doing any harm.

Whoops, a misinterpation of 312.5 © on my part. Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks for the repplies everyone - Here’s the pics of the panel as asked by a memeber.

New - still learning to spell!

Nice Federal Pioneer panel. You’re in Canada?

It is amazing that they are nearly identical to our FPE, yet are not plagued with the FPacificE problems.

Yep, from BC, Canada - no, not partcularly plagued as far as I know.

It also looks like you potentially will have lots of overloaded neutrals on the multi-wire circuits. It appears they’ve got the black and red of the same multi-wire circuit hooked to the same twin breaker. Those twin breakers stab into one leg.

Can you explain? Forgive me in advance, just not following your post.

When the red and black wire of the same multi-wire branch circuit are served by two overcurrent devices on the same leg, the current on the neutral will add. In the photographs, the red and black conductors for each multiwire branch circuit appear to land on two overcurrent devices in the same package (twin breaker). Each of these twins plug into a single buss slot. Both halves of the twin are on the same leg. If it is how I think it is, the neutrals will overload.

I’m not exactly a journalist, so I might have done a bad job of re-explaining this in layman’s terms, but maybe somebody else can pick it up from here.

EDIT… nevermind… I see they started at the bottom with a half size breaker. That puts each half of the twins on a different leg. No problem exists. Just had to get out my magnifying glass.

Thanks Marc,
I understand what your explaining, I totally missed the “twin breaker” part of it. Makes sense now, even though its not an issue in this panel.

Where is that romex coming from? It looks like it is going into the “main” compartment.