Copy of license to clients???

In keeping with the florida state requirment which says we have to provide a copy of our license to our clients prior to beggining any inspections. I have a copy of my license in my Inspection Agreement, I am now trying to get set up with the the NACHI on line agreement but it does not allow images to be inserted. If any one from Florida is using the online agreements I would love to hear how you are handling the state requirement.

I had one thought, I email them a copy of the standards of practive with the license embedded and then add a clause to the online agreement saying that have received and read the standards of practice and the state license, so when they sign at the bottom they are making claim to reading both.

Would value any input.

We always like to know what area you work in to better help out:)

You can always put it in your contract or have them attest they have viewed it on your website when they sign the contract. I Believe that is sufficient but would ask a lawyer to make sure.

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this is a ridiculous requirement. posting your license number should be sufficient and this is one of the areas which needs to be changed. I do not know of any other license which requires you “furnish a complete copy of your license prior to working”. stupid.

Mine is part of the inspection report so, all I do is add the name, address, and it is ready to go. I send them a pdf of the SoP, pre-inspection agreement and my licence. Takes about 3 minutes.

understand, Eric. Just saying, HI’s are the only licensees required to “furnish a copy of their license prior to commencing work”. Why?

Lack of public trust, and generally speaking, the government doesn’t trust you to do the right thing, with good reason. Just read this MB for examples. Anyone can make up a ficticious number and post it. Even posting a forged license wouldn’t be that difficult to produce with todays software. HI’s are just the beginning. You heard it here first.

Drs. have their licenses posted, at least mine do!

And, as Jeffery said, more will be required to do it.
If you have it, what is the big deal?

And every business must have their “Business License” conspicuously posted.

The HI license is new, and easy to implement right away. It takes a little longer to make a new requirement for an existing license.

My point, is ONLY an HI must physically transmit a complete copy of their license to a potential client. ALL other licensed trades simply have to place their license number on correspondence. Why does the HI have to do this when no other trade does?

What does it matter?
There are bigger battles to fight than this one.

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What percentage of HI’s have “Brick & Mortar” offices (not home office) where a client can view their license??? One percent? One-tenth one percent? Five percent?

There is your answer.

What percentage of HI’s have “Brick & Mortar” offices (not home office) where a client can view their license???

How many homeowners go to the plumbers/HVAC/Electrician/roofer/sprinker/alarm installer/window installer shop to purchase services? They don’t have to fax/email a copy of their license IN ADVANCE of the work. Having a copy of your license with the agreement on site or in your written agreement does not comply with the rule - YOU MUST SEND a copy of your license IN ADVANCE. Again, WHY?

I email a copy of mine and print the sent email into the file just as a ‘just in case’ sort of thing.

Because all the idiots in Florida wanted to be told what to do and now they are.

Yeah licensing, isn’t it great.

And ask client to REPLY TO the email. that way you have proof you sent and they received.
Or use Inspection Support Network. It records when and if it is opened.