License and SOP

So I am wondering what others are doing, according to Florida, prior to starting an inspection you need to provide the client with the SOP and a copy of the license. I was going to use the nachi online agreement tool, but I can not add a photo of my license. So how are others supplying the SOP and there license with there PIA so they can prove the client got that information when doing it online?

I added to the online agreement that they have viewed my license at or my website I plan on doing the same with the SOP if I ever do another Standard Home Inspection. I try not to because I do not want to deal with all the crap. I give them a very high quote then try to sell a Home Inspection Alternative instead. Basically a walk and talk. I do not feel I can get anywhere near what a written home inspection according to the Florida SOP is worth as I do not hear of anyone charging anywhere near what I think they are worth. Plus I hate doing written home inspections :slight_smile: May God have mercy on all your souls :slight_smile: Good Luck with licensing and all the crap that has come along with it.

sends emails with everything, they can sign and pay on-line. Sends reminders schedules and information to the inspectors also. Sends emails to the listing agent and buyers agent and it is near automatic after you have it set-up. You upload your reports, and if they have paid they can download, if not they get an email telling them it is ready when they are.

It has saved me time with emails but also saved me with reminders for access codes and utilities. Finally it tracks my business for me, plus much more. Get ISN raise your prices by five dollars(value added service) and don’t look back!

I hope that helps

When Florida law went into affectI got in touch with Rick Morrison with the state and asked if including the state certification and copy of the SOP with exclusions, limitations and such would meet the intent of the law as sometimes we do not come in contact with the client. He answered it would and I include these items in my report and it is accecpted.

What John said ISN has saved and made me way more than it cost:D


What did he say?:mrgreen: