Pre Inspection Requirements

Ok Im about tired of this stuff. What other licensed profession out there is required to show the client prior to doing business a copy of there license and SOP? Theres not a doctor, attorney, nurse, landscaper, plumber, contractor that Im aware of that is required this. Who made us the red headed step kid here?
Just blowin off steam, sorry but either we are a licensed professional or not. This having training wheels on is for the birds.:mad:

Contactors must provide this all on the contract and permit. Lawyers on the letterhead and legal docs. Doctors must display this info on the office wall and prescription pads.

Lets do ourselves a favor and get rid of inspector licensing. It is bad for us all.

You guys enjoy cutting that renewal check?


Fine lets put our license on our advertising, just like contractors are required. That makes sence. and as far as the SOP is required who else does that? Contractors give a bid of scope of work, blue collar same. Im happy to follow a SOP but whats with the putting it in front of the client. We all must follow the same. Its out there. Just seems like a no trust situation when the license is suppossed to provide that very assurance to our clients that we are trusted, trained professionals.

Like I said just blowing off steam.

How hard is it to send them a copy of your inspection agreement prior to the inspection. I have been doing his for years. Now I attache the SOP to it. My license is in my signature. No big deal

Not an issue of being hard or difficult. I also provide copies of both. When is the last time your doctor showed you his business license, or your nurse, or somebody said here is a list of items I will look at for you in the course of my work. Nobody. Just saying we are doing ourselves no favors.

I would not compare a Florida Home inspector license to an M.D… A chiropractor maybe.



LOL yep your right

Yep… chiropractors get paid on-site.