Correcting a caving, cracked basement wall DIY

All due respect to homeowners who try

They apparently got an estimate for this for this, were quoted $6,000 but who knows what THAT actually entailed, eh.

:25 notice thickness and amount of concrete patio, settled a bit against the basement wall (= WEIGHT)… acting upon duh basement wall.

2:00 before and after diagram of SLOPE of yard… ‘after’ water will flow away’???
Yeah sht sure, ’ a little more water may flow away… on-near the SURFACE.
But since they didn’t backfill w/all gravel then a lot of the rain/water is still going to wind up near/against the basement wall, yes it will :wink:

The WEIGHT of the settled concrete, the amount of concrete, the soil and maybe some underground roots ‘didn’t’ CAUSE any of the problems huh? #-o
Okie dokie.

2:10 inside basement, cracks etc.

2:45 trencher… for? :-k

3:10 oopsie on duh A/C line huh

9:45 jesus folks, did you or did you not waterproof (not damproof) the exterior of wall… doesn’t appear they did. And backfilled w/same soil?
Scroll down to, Basement Wall Damage… waterproof the exterior of wall AND backfill with all gravel.

If ya backfill with all gravel then duh rain/water has ummmm, some place to go, and quick.
It then wouldn’t sit in the soil and cause duh soil to expand against the wall.

And umm you have a few openings ABOVE ground level too.

15:45 caused another crack.

16:15 ‘then they sealed the cracks’.
Inside? Lots of luck. Whatever you want, its your house.

If your going to DIY it, spend x-amount and the time etc, jesus, do it right please.

Here, some concrete slabs also settled along/against poured wall…
THAT, and the clay soil and underground roots caused cracks, leaks etc
Ummm, for $5,500 ish, somebody installed a couple beams and shot some bullllsht in cracks, shheeesh, the incompetence!

Back to the quote they received… folks, i’ll give ya’s there are quite a few contractors/inside system companies who bid too much.
BUTT, these jobs do cost x-amount to do ‘CORRECTLY’ and, jesus, we’re trying to stay in business hence, are in business to make a dollar, eh.

This kind of work isn’t like flipping burgers or painting and other stuff. The materials, labor etc costs x-amount, eh… hauling the garbage soil away costs x-amount, come on! And some of us do have to pay for insurance, permits etc.

Winning/Santana… ‘they’re winning, they’re winning… inside system companies are winning, and the homeowner is losing again’