basement waterproofing side wall

Exterior cracks, cracked parging allowing water to get into hollow-block walls and onto basement floor along the cove aka floor-wall joint.
23’ x 7’ deep, one day job costs $2,500

The wall is slightly bowed in (underground tree roots and clay soil) so had someone talked/bs’d the homeowners into an interior basement system and sump pump then that would have cost as much, likely MORE (for-along 1 wall) and the roots and clay would still be on–against the wall plus, the exterior cracks would still be open allowing water to enter basement and cause more mold or efflorescence on the inside blocks. And see the ‘OTHER’ exterior openings under and around the basement windows that no interior system repairs

Yours is no disgrace/Yes

Watching those videos scares me with cave ins Bubba. Hope you are careful.


Yes sir, always.

We are constantly looking for the slightest cracks in surrounding soil, movement etc.

I don’t trust any ‘ditch’.

This job/last video, was a bit of a biiiiaaatch as there were subsoil roots and quite a bit of concrete-chunks and bricks right along the wall/right where we had to dig plus its clay so all that garbage made the dig a bit ‘thinner/tighter’ than our usual trenches.

Have tried wood/shoring etc and a couple times when the bank did cave in, the wood and 2 x 4’s snapped like a toothpick.

There are a couple ways to dig/waterproof the walls when there is an increased chance of a cave in such as on a wall like the one in video, i’ll dig one corner down (about 1/3 or 1/4 of the entire trench) and waterproof that area and then backfill 1/2 of it way gravel…then dig down the other corner and do the same there (all the time leaving 2-3’ of soil IN the middle of the trench to help hold in the bank)…yes sir, hear you loud and clear Mr C!

Mark do you service West Huntington Indiana or know someone to refer.


i would be willing to talk to anyone in Indiana about their problem(s) and see what that entails.

we’ve driven to the middle of Pennsylvania and did a waterproofing job (about 2 walls) and West Huntington Indiana is closer so, likely, yes. Would depend a bit on the size of the job… smaller would be better for us.

the homeowner is PA could only find/get estimates from interior system terdzzz so he said, screw that and called my dumb azz. 586 777 7973 if they’d like TA call Uncle Bubba, here to help… i don’t bulshht anyone. TY sir.

i don’t know any honest-experienced waterproofing contractors in Indiana but quite likely there are a few who exist.