Duh umm, basement waterproofing err, basement water--diverting

Short video of an interior system company installing interior crap in a basement that has, at least, 2 horizontal cracks… :23 about 6-7 blocks up off floor and a worse horizontal crack at 1:02 top of first block off floor and a step crack near corner :55 and mold etc etc
This interior basement system and sump pump does not, has not, relieved/lessened ANY pressure off the wall!!!
loool on WBNS TV10 err maybe it should be W…BS 10, huh

So it doesn’t really matter what the cost of the system is as the homeowner should have been told the inside basement system was not going to STOP water from entering, was not going to stop/prevent further mold and not going to remove/relieve any exterior lateral pressure, friggin incompetent bullshtt, the usual.

Interior system ‘typically cost’ $5,000-6,000??? looool
Keep dreaming, and lying.

The LOW horizontal crack in video… will look something like this on the OUTSIDE of the g dang wall!!! (click link, photo)
Water will continue to enter becccccccause, these morons didn’t seal/waterproof the actual, existing defects, cracks on the outside of the basement wall!!

Donan Engineering, basement wall failures

Dwight Yoder Builders, 6th paragraph… backfill with ALL gravel… this type of DRAINAGE (backfill) prevents trapped water and saturated soil from building up horizontal pressure against the wall. This pressure will crack walls, cause leaks (and mold, efflorescence etc), and in a worst case, collapse the wall inward.

U S Army Corps Engineers, soil study, cracked, bowed basement walls
3.2 Lateral Wall Pressure
… 'cracking can also occur when stresses induced by lateral pressure exceed the strength of the wall… the most common originates in the corner and radiates up or down… 45 degree angle ( umm, a step crack! Lateral SOIL pressure can cause step cracks (not just settling as it seems quite a few home inspectors think)

…Often these cracks terminate at a LONG HORIZONTAL fracture that parallels the basement floor… the third crack type is VERTICAL…

Yep, lateral SOIL pressure causes these 3 types of cracks in basement walls… ahem!

Often hear others claim these cracks are most often due to, settling, guess again.

Both lateral soil pressure and settling cause this shtt and leaky basements etc.

Underground tree roots and concrete slabs or porch footings against the exterior basement wall etc can also cause these cracks, leaky basements.

Back to duh U S Corp link…
Page 19… 3.4.5 Backfill
Lateral pressure problems are EXASPERATED by (duhhhhh!!!) using unsuitable backfill material, usually from on-site excavation… all backfill soils analyzed in this study are classified as being EXPANSIVE, which is generally NOT recommended for backfill.

Then STOP using the shtt! City inspectors stop passing/okaying this shtt!!!

Page 21 Modeling results … demonstrate that granular backfills (duh umm gravel etc) can REDUCE lateral pressures. (add to what Yoder knows/says or J McEwen, Fairfax County VA etc)

Page 35 Photo’s… 'Lateral pressure causing vertical fracture in basement wall
(and some KNOTHEAD injected etc the crack on the inside)

Page 39 Photo 'Inward deflection of basement wall (and pilasters)

Another UNBIASED link… Fairfax county VA
Scroll down to, Basement Wall DAMAGE
…Resolution… to prevent FUTURE damage, the clay MUST be removed and replaced with sandy or gravelly soils…and the wall waterproofed on the exterior!

They don’t say it’s fine to just install an interior basement system and sump pump!!@@@@!!!@!~!!@@@!@~!~~


Yet, even after posting these unbiased links, many photos and videos, some home inspectors continue to recommend injections or interior basement systems, fkg amazing and incompetent bullshtt.
None of this/the above, would help nachi students help their clients in the future huh.
Just stay the same course, like it’s the grade or downspouts or it’s some low spot 3 acres behind the house huh. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

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