Cosmetic only concern?

So I found this corner of fun

Is the repointing (correct verbiage ?) Job here just an ugly job but functional or would this require a professional? I would say cosmetic but I’m still going through school to become a HI.

The downspout clearly needs to have it’s extension put back on as I assume the original issue with the bricks are because of the poor location …

Also, that would be an old drain clean out, correct ? Seems to be iron/steel and probably ready to be replaced ?

Any and all harsh criticisms are welcomed :wink:

Called ‘tuck pointing’ - just cosmetic, the word would be unprofessional. Hard to tell if enough mortar was actually replaced.

It looks like they used caulking in the morter joints?


I agree with you Scott.

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Cosmetic concerns to you could be a very big deal to your client. Just saying!


Can’t really comment on that, I wasn’t there. Hopefully the OP will know that is wrong. I’ve seen messy before, that’s all I can see from a photo.

Just so the OP knows, you are supposed to go back with muriatic acid and a wire brush to clean it up. There are also detailing tools to strike the proper ‘face’ on the mortar joint. People have little pride in their work anymore.


That ain’t mortar…


As for the drain, hard to tell from the photograph, depending on the year of build, but in my area, that would be an old tie-in to the mainline, for which the gutter downspout would discharge water into the sanitary sewer. No longer allowed, of course, now that we treat our water. Usually, I’ll see them capped off or filled with concrete.


Start with describing what you see and cannot see.

I see a substandard mortar repair. However, due to the repair material, I cannot see the damage if any.

If you see mortar cracking or deterioration, you can call that out along with the concerns with the repair attempt.

As far as the pipe, similar. You see a pipe, you do not know its purpose. Is it causing a problem? Is there more steel/iron pipe in the home? Does it appear to be connected or is this pipe obsolete? Is it in poor condition?

Correct, as I’ve learned from this forum, call everything out and let the clients decide whether it’s a big deal to them or not !

Up close and by touch it seems to be caulking. Maybe a DIY job ?

Makes sense! Thank you , I’ll do some research of that in my area and see if lines up

Definitely wrong. Dominick’s zoom in shows that clearly. Write it up, wrong and ugly.

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Very insightful, appreciate the feedback

Not only is it not mortar but it will do more harm than good.

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How old is the residence. Pre 1950’s?
Here is what I see.

Masonry. Brick veneer.
Prior repairs. Armature.
Damaged degraded bed, head and butt mortar.
Detached downspout.
Detached downspout extension.
Downspout distributed water below grade at one time.

Manufactured stone foundation.

Heavy impervious material next to the foundation.
Hardscaping settlement.
Damaged/cracked poured concrete hardscaping.