Gutter downspout NOT a BS defect.

I have actually been criticized for writing up improper gutter downspouts. I’ve been told it isn’t that big of a deal, only to be given the eye roll, as I explain the importance of getting water away from the dwelling… I guess it isn’t a huge deal to fix, an easy DIY project for most, but when neglected this can happen.

The downspout dumps all the gutter water next to the wall. The sill plate on the bottom of the wall is completely rotted away; I can get my entire hand in there for about 3-4 feet along the bottom of the wall.

Moral of the story, it isn’t exactly a deal killer, but when you but the home and your inspector recommends you redirect the downspout, you may think twice before you neglect it.


gutter 2.JPG

See issues from that neglect all the time and write hard.

I write up those downspouts as major defects every time. I also get the eye rolls

Who criticized you? A used home commissioned sales person I bet. It is still sad how home inspectors are still being influenced by the complaints generated by RE’s. If you worry about the complaints, get out of this business. You are professional; act and write like it.

Spend time in a few crawlspaces and basements and you’ll see how important proper gutters and downspouts are. I write them up all the time and include photos and drawings (effects of faulty downspouts). I’m sure it’s not the buyer rolling their eyes :roll: :wink:

I write these up every single time and my reporting system automatically includes an illustration providing more details.

In your pictures, they dont even have splash stone for the downspout. I would definitely write these up.

What reporting system is that?

I use Horizon by Carson Dunlop.

Same here: HG

Pic #1 is auto inserted in my comment(s)

Pic #2 is on that I use as needed


So when you select a one of your saved down spout extension comments, it automatically inputs an image of your choosing that demonstrates the issue??

This was from 2 day ago.

I also get the eye roll from some dingbat REAgents, until I set them straight and tell them to go stand by the door and wait until I am done so they can do their job (close the door) hahaha

Here is one from the other day which is causing damage to a pathway around the home and the inside wall and floor are also quite damp and moldy. Agent said no big deal just get a handyman to caulk it all up…:shock:


Gary, the REA and seller were both in proximity.

The seller had a look on his face like an NBA star who is like “you called me for that foul?” well, sort of… maybe not quite that animated.

Just the usual eye roll from the REA, as if I am nit picking.

It’s not that I’m bothered by what people think of my reporting, I call them as I see them. I just wish that all the ones I reported in the past that rolled their eyes because I told them it could cause damage could come and see what it will do if not corrected. Like finally, AHA! I told you it would ruin the house if you left it that way.

Yes, that is correct.

Where is John Bubber when you need him!
Many issues of basement damage can be directly linked to improper downspouts and extensions.

Many issues of basement damage are due to improper Basement Waterproofing and Drainage installations.

Damproofing an unreinforced foundation basement wall is not an alternate to leak proof setting. :slight_smile:

Mark is a very knowledgable guy that spends some of his time over here:
sharing with those that want to learn and others, too.

Over 80% of all basement water intrusion issues come from outside the home: gutters, downspouts, terracing, window wells, etc. Write them all up. I hate the foundation advertising on TV that I see here often, trying to scare people of basement water issues, when all they need is to clean their gutters.

I’d agree.

So the tree growing in the gutter negates proper downspout positioning?:mrgreen:

Mike-let them roll their eyes!

I make a fortune assessing building evaluation associated with water damage! If that was the only thing I did (and in this economy that’s about all I do), I could sustain my family forever! I just can’t seem to turn people away for other stuff and that actually hurts my bottom line!