Cost of a Radon Gas Inspection?

What is a Ballpark price for a Radon Gas inspection ?

My area for a standard 2,000sf home with basement is $125.00 to $195.00 w/inspection, up tp $250.00 within 20 miles without inspection.

Or a homeowner can get a kit for FREE from the County and pay a $25 lab fee!!

Note: These are other inspector fee’s, not mine. I got out of the Radon game two years ago (after 12 years of testing) when MInnesota started their BS licensing SCAM, after conning the general public into thinking they were going to die tomorrow if they didn’t get tested.

Ya know… kinda like the COVID thing. Nuff said!


Thank You Mr. Jonas !

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I charge $100.00 with inspection $150.00 without. I use the new Ecosense RadonEye Pro’s I currently have 5 of them.

If I run out of those I use charcoal tests, same cost. I do not tell the client which test they will be getting.
Just that if charcoal is used it could take 7 to 10 days to get results.

$125 with inspection, up to $200 without, depending on distance and schedule. On a related note, seen this on Facebook last week…


I guess its cheaper then radiation treatments for cancer.

Thanks for the info …

Thank you …

I’m at $100 with inspection, $150-200 as a stand alone, depending on location. Drive time is worth something too…

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