What to charge for an inspection?

Could I get a string going here, on what would be a suggested price to charge for an inspection on a home that’s 4200 sq.ft. with a Radon test?

I’m just fishing here, as I already have a price structure, but I just want to see how far off the mark I might be…what with the price of gas these days, and all…


Basement? Crawl?

12 pack of Beck’s :stuck_out_tongue:

I recently did a 3 level 3500 sq. ft. 4 bed, 3 1/2 bath with Radon for $525 with 10 miles of my office.

Finished basement, failry new custom home.


Make it a six of Guinness Extra Stout and I’ll help.:lol:

Thank you gentlemen, so far so good…

$450 to $550 depending on my mood.:smiley:

$579 if I use my new higher price list. Paid 4.09 for gas today and used 1/2 a tank (42 worth).:shock: :roll:

If i remember correctly prices in the 'Springs were lower than Denver.

$500 plus $150 for the radon. This assumes only 1 kitchen and 1 HVAC system. If you have multiples add $50 for each.


depends on my mood, distance, age…what’s a radon?

I don’t do radon, but the inspection would be $625

HI+Radon = Standard Inspection package (Free WDI discount built in)
1200 sq.ft. @.12 per sq.ft = $144

Total = $623 … if it’s within 30 miles I’d drop the $23.

I don’t do radon, but here’s the prices for my various inspections on that size house effective May 1, 2008:

DRIVE - $299
LIST - $699
BASIC - $1,299
STANDARD - $1,799
PREMIUM - $2,499
TECH - $3,499