Costco 1300 Lumen Flashlight $18.99

I got this flashlight as a backup but I find that I use it more as a primary…

at $18.99 it is a very good deal…

only two cons -

  1. when using spot beam the image is square not round…
  2. on/off switch makes you cycle through the different beam options (low, strobe, off)

I bought that Costco a few weeks back as back up too but now use it all the time. My streamline doesn’t hold charge anymore. My InterNACHI CMI flashlight still kicken even though charge on lasts a couple hours.|CategorySiloedViewCP

I bought these a year back and down to my last one. They were worth the money, but fall apart quickly. 350 lumens gives me good amount of light in the attic. The battery only goes for 1 hour on high and 3-4 hours on low. 4 aaa batteries per flashlight. I may look around for my next set, these were ok.

I love this little rechargeable light. Clips onto my pocket securely.
Great in an attic for finding straps, etc.

When it is not on spot beam, is it spread out and diffused well enough to take a picture without blowing out the center of the picture?

I have a stream light and am looking for a way to make a good diffuser for it.

Yes… if you need fill light for a photo it helps…

Great info… Thanks …Roy

I have tried many flashlights over the years and have found the Coast HP7 perfect. 360 lumens, goes from spot to spread by pushing in the head. runs for 3 or 4 inspections with a single charge of the 4 AAA batteries. Got it at HD at a great price. Keep buying others to see of they are better and have not found one. So I buy 3 Coasts at a time and carry an extra.