Court judgement against Water Shield Waterproofing aka Aqua Dri

2nd story…

$26,000, interior basement bullsht.
Water Shield Waterproofing aka Aqua Dri Waterproofing aka Thrifty Waterproofing aka az hole Al Demola and all others associated with this turd.

As job was ongoing, the couple was told more work was needed for another $5,000.

More homeowners who got ripped off by the dipshtt…

Same az hole here in above links/stories… now ripping homeowners off on bomb shelters ](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)

It took ya’s long enough, dammm man. ](

Same piece of human shtttttt was owner/whatever of Aqua-Dri basement waterproofing, Thrifty Waterproofing, Water Shield Waterproofing ](,)](,)](*,)
Inside systems… pieces of shtt.

Your getting ripped off people, YES you are!!! In ALL states, all over by these incompetent, scumbag interior shtthead systems.

Oh yeah :-k … all I ever hear is crap like, “The reason homeowners go with interior systems is because they cost a lot less” … crap like that. Really? ](*,)

How much did this prick Demola charge many homeowners for an interior system?

How much does Aqua Dorks here, charge this homeowner who got scr_wed?

Video, how much here? And how many people still leaked, had problems, MORE problems after installing this crrrrap!

Photos here, homeowner out $15,000, still leaks… duh!!!

Those who claim, tell homeowners that interior basement systems are cheaper, much cheaper, cost less etc are pretty much… full of shttt.

Jesus man, what do ya’s think Everdry charges many homeowners… huh? A) whatever they think they can get away with, as in this short video! How much money did Everdry want???
In video, that is MY dumb azz and nephew, we were finishing up his job and the homeowner/Rick in Sterling Heights, wanted to share the truth with you good peeps, got dat?

These interior basement system companies and all their little friends and little home inspector helpers and Realtor helpers and MEDIA helpers and the BBB so on, are conning the crap out of homeowners, can YOU handle the truth? Nope.

King Crimson/I Talk to the Wind
…‘Bubba’s on the outside, looking inside, what does he see? Much confusion, disillusion, all around me… They don’t possess me, don’t impress me, just upset my mind.
They can’t instruct me or conduct me, just use up my time… Bubba talks to duh wind, his words are all carried away, Uncle Bubba talks to the wind, the wind does not hear, the wind cannot hear’