CPI and Pre-licensing?

I am a newly certified CPI and am curious if the additional courses offered in Pre-licensing are required when you have completed the CPI requirements and have your certificate. I am located in Alberta and am curious if these are additional requirements based on my location in order to receive my License.

Dan, congratulations on your CPI!

I’m in the states so I know nothing of Alberta requirements…sorry. :smile:

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This is a shot of the Alberta Requirements for licensing. It also does not state anything about 2 proctored exams, only a supervised inspection. Just looking for clarification

Did you already have reports verified? Plus you will need to do a mock inspection under a CMI or RHI.

What reports verified? I am in contact with a proctor setting up a mock inspection. I thought I needed 2 proctored exams as well but the Alberta website doesnt have that as a requirement

You will need to perform 4 mock home inspections. You can do it on your own home or friends, etc. Send them in to InterNACHI to be verified: https://www.nachi.org/reportreview.htm

You will need to follow the InterNACHI guidelines as for the two proctored exams, etc. https://www.nachi.org/licensing-and-certification/ca/alberta

Ah, yes I have completed the 4 mock inspections. I have received my certificate and CPI already. Now to achieve a license in Alberta is what I am inquiring about. The alberta website only states that It requires proof of education (CPI which I now have) and 1 satisfactory proctored inspection (which I will complete soon) it does not require 2 proctored exams as per the alberta website

You need to pass the 2 proctored exams to get the “Certified Home Inspector” certificate. InterNACHI_Certified_Home_Inspector_Certificate

Then the Alberta Government needs a copy of the “Certifed Home Inspector” certificate, plus the information from the proctors you’re doing the mock inspection under.

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Where abouts are you in Alberta?

Fort Saskatchewan

Right on. We moved from Alberta to PEI in 2019. We lived near Calgary.

Good stuff. Hopefully business is as good in PEI as It hopefully was around here

It’s a tough market, a lot of home inspectors. Alberta is swamped with them. :slight_smile: I do maintenance/renovations as well. We figured time for a change, take in the ocean and island life.

Well I’m hoping to have it be my full time job at some point. Scaffolder for the last 17 years but a have a few buddies that are real estate agents so hopefully they can send some referrals my way.

Good luck with your destination! :slight_smile:

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