CPI letter to State of Delaware

I’m looking for certificate that says I’m a CPI and not a Member certificate…State of Delaware is saying i need from InterNachi that I’m a certified inspector…

Use fastreply@internachi.org for better results, Steven.


Please post that unicorn when you get it!!
14+ years here and I’ve never seen one!

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Thanks as soon as I find out I’ll post it.

It’s written on the membership certificate that you are a Certified Professional Inspector® and InterNACHI-Certifed Home Inspector.


Yea I noticed that it’s written in the Membership certificate.

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As Junior said it is written right on your membership certificate.


Maybe highlight it? You know how bureaucrats are. :grin:


Thanks I should do that!

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You’re also a NAHI Certified Residential Inspector (CRI) and can download your certificate.


Thanks for all your help!! I really appreciated.

If I can get InterNachi to send a letter to the State of Delaware that I’m a CPI, I’ll be way ahead of game!

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I can send you any letter you like. Delaware requires you to be an InterNACHI CPI, but they’ve ALWAYS simply accepted InterNACHI’s membership certificate without an additional letter. The State has access to our membership data on the backend to verify. I think you might have just banged into a new employee over there.

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I like Larry Kage is correct. Highlight it. They probably just didn’t see it on the InterNACHI cert.

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You can download it right from your member dashboard.

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And that’s all it is. You are a “Certified” Member. And nothing more.


Please do!!

Thanks Nick! I think I did ran into new employee!

For my piece of mind would you carbon copy me when the letter is sent?

I really appreciated!


Nick this is the e-mail I got from them: This employee has to be new!!

Ticket ID: 02228016

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your inquiry. My name is Mary.

The license verification must come directly from the state or jurisdiction it is issued from, we cannot accept it from the applicant. (I TOOK CARE CARE OF THIS)
Membership in InterNACHI is not acceptable for licensure, you must be an ASHI inspector or certified inspector, associate member does not qualify.


DPR Information Center

Division of Professional Regulation
Cannon Building
861 Silver Lake Blvd. Suite 203
Dover, Delaware 19904

Phone: (302) 744-4500
Fax: (302) 739-2711

Show her this image of their own rule showing that both NAHI and InterNACHI is approved by them: https://d12m281ylf13f0.cloudfront.net/images2012/000-States/DE/State%20of%20Delaware%20Approval.jpg

We are InterNACHI and we are NAHI, so we are approved twice by DE.


go here and print your graduation certificate

Hello Nick!
Just checking on the letter or Certificate sent to the State of Delaware.

They want the issuing authority to email it or mailing it. Not me…