Delaware requirements

Any Del. inspectors out there that can help me??? I am licensed in MD & PA, only 2yrs & I want to get my Del. licenses, I need help with the board & the process. TIA, Lew

Do you not think it would be best to contact Delaware directly?

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I did, she was worthless. I was told to speak to the board next tue at 9AM for better info


Oh well, what do you expect with that great leadership there?!

I have 5 state licenses from 2 states! I hate dealing with these stupid lazy people. All I wanted was a straight answer, & they can’t give it to me. State employees are dumb MFers!

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It’s where the unemployable are employed :crazy_face:

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this is no good when you go on Del. web site. If you are not a licensed Del. inspector, save the dumb comments! 1st question is are you an ASHI member with 75 paid inspections under your belt or 5 yrs experience. WTF, nothing about InterNACHI! I am not getting a trainee license & go behind an inspector & waste my time, money & energy!

I was in a very similar situation, licensed in Maryland and wanting the Delaware license. I’ve had my MD license about 4 years, so the 5 year option was out.

Delaware won’t accept equivalent certifications from internachi, only ASHI (I called and asked). So even though I am a CMI, I still had to go through the process of joining ASHI, and becoming their certified inspector. Their highest level only requires 250 paid home inspections, as compared to a CMIs 1000.

Once I had that it was a pretty simple process.