interNachi CPI vs State?

Hello, new here. Just signed up today and started training. My question is, if I’m following the “state” recommended classes, do any of these mirror completion for CPI? Guess what I’m asking is, I don’t want to take the same course twice.

Every state is different. Where are you located?

What you got against becoming the best inspector you can be??

I would imagine your State’s going to have much more stricter requirements than becoming a CPI does.

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Some of the training is the same. HVAC inspection for instance. If I have certification through “State” requirement, will it also automatically cover CPI for that particular training? I’m in NH. There are 2 lists. CPI and State. When doing the training courses for state, any finished course is highlighted. If that course is required by both, when you finish that course, it should be highlighted in both columns, correct?