CPI Program Suggestions

My name is Tyler and I am new to the CPI program, also to this forum. I am trying to get the lay of the land, so to speak and looking for advice on the CPI courses and how to proceed. I feel I am going through each course a little too fast, however I am passing the quizzes and final exam for each course without any problems. I am reading the material and watching the videos. I dont want to go too fast and miss valuable information. Any advice on what you personally have done or do would be appreciated.

Definitely try to apply what you’ve learned at the end of each topic if your construction experience is minimal. Do mock inspections at friends houses and get familiar with what this stuff looks like in the field.

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Thank you for the reply, it is a relief to know that I am able to work the forum correctly. I have a little construction experience and what I read and learn makes sense to me. I also go through my own home and find things that relate to what I am learning in each section. I simply expected to take several months to cover the course material but a month into the program and I have worked through half of the courses.

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Welcome to our forum,Tyler!..Enjoy! :smile:

Do each course until you score in the high 90s. That will slow you down a little and give you more confidence.

Like Nicholas said, doing mock inspections of the test material will help, too.

Best to you.

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Good advice from Larry.
All the best Tyler!

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You can always do more research on any part of the topics that you want. There is way more information to be learned than is given in each course.

Just be careful when going down the rabbit hole of the internet. You can be there for hours, maybe even days.

Welcome to our forum, Deric!..Enjoy! :smile:

Hi, Tyler.

I recommend getting CPI certified as fast as possible. There are 6 steps to attain CPI at https://www.nachi.org/cpi-requirements.htm. Get that done first. Then, work on your business and marketing. Why? You have to attain CPI status in order to take advantage of everything InterNACHI offers to certified inspectors, which includes the free business and marketing resources provided only to certified inspectors.

Then, I recommend looking at the results of your home inspector exam (https://www.nachi.org/aboutexam.htm). This will tell you where you’re weak. Work on strengthening your weaknesses. If you’re strong in inspecting roofs, for example, then go through the roof course as fast as possible. If you’re weak in electrical, then take your time going through the electrical course.

Each course requires you to perform inspections and write your observations, which are reviewed by staff and other inspectors. Don’t skip the assignments. You don’t have to perform fee-paid inspections with clients, feel free to inspect your own home or a friend’s home. Not just once but several times.

The key is to not focus on just one thing at a time. Success in business is about doing a little work on everything every day. Just like this short video explains.

Then, don’t miss the Master Class for Home Inspectors, which teaches everything you need to be successful, including live coaching sessions.

If you need anything or have additional questions, feel free to reach out to me at ben@internachi.org.

Hope that helps.

Thank you Ben, this makes me stop and rethink my approach. I was under the impression I needed to complete each course, pass the final exam, and then proceed onto finishing the six steps to finally becoming a CPI. The way you explain it, it does make sense.

If someone takes the 12 First Year courses before finishing all the Prerequisites and Affidavit do they have to complete the courses again afterwards? That’s always confused me because many people need the knowledge from the 12 First Year courses to pass the Online Final Exam.

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