FINALLY.... finished my CPI classes

So, how many of you are/were like me and did the first few classes to get the initial/provisional CPI label and put off the rest? I signed up last July and have been putting it off until last week. I finally just put my head down and powered through, finishing tonight.

I’ve been taking home inspector CE classes for 20+ years and have to say I’m overall very impressed with the material Ben and Nick have put together. The amount of content is unbelievable (do these guys sleep?). There are some little things I’d “nit-pick” as far as accuracy but they aren’t even worth mentioning when considering the overall volume of material that is present. This is the best overall program I’ve seen for educating HIs and it’s not even close. Great job Inter-Nachi crew!


Congratulations, Matt. All the best with your endeavors.

strong text CONGRATULATIONS Matt. I agree with your statement regarding INTERNACHI Courses. I’ve been inspecting since 1994, and have found the courses very informative. ONLY pain in the ass after working all day the last thing you want to do is spend a few hours in the evening studying rather than taking off your shoes and relaxing in the recliner. Stay SAFE

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