I've been invited to help with licensing. What issues are most important?

I’m visiting government officials in Canada the week of the 17th to discuss licensing. What issues are most important to you?

Mine are association neutrality in SOP, COE and administration of any part of, no “Candidate” class which makes it impossible for new inspectors to enter the industry, no mandated reporting forms which stifles innovation, online continuing education approval so that cont ed is less expensive and therefore taken more often, outlaw scumbag NAHI-like offering of repair services by inspectors, and outlaw scumbag NAHI-like preferred vendor lists at real estate offices.

What are yours?

Online continuing education is cool. CertainTeed as an example, is a great source for HI education and free CE’s!

  • Limiting our liability or capping our liability if licenced to a maximum of $250K

  • Appointment of at least 3 non home inspectors to the BOD, so that there are no cover-ups, special interests, et cetera.

  • An advisory committee of Provincial Nachi members to any discussions with the government. Assurance that Nachi members voice will be heard and not to the inclusion of only one association.

I want the government to recognize the associations and accept the certifications of NACHI, ASET, APPEGGA and CAPHI. as quallified for licensing. The Ohio study indicates that there is no difference in number of complaints or quality of inspections between controlled and uncontrolled states. The only reason for licensing seems to be because the realtors and contractors have to be licensed. In Alberta anybody including my pet monkey can get a general contractors license.

Worth a read.


Real estate Agents should have absolutely no influence on what home inspector is used .
This leads to soft inspections and favoritism.
This removes much of the protection the home buying public deserves.
The offices should also not be able hand out any broacher’s.

Roy Cooke

Ray, Who did they do the report for?

Every Association put on an equal playing field in recognition of qualifications.
Then let what those associations benefits and what they offer the public through their H.I.'s determine who gets the work.


It was conducted for the Home Owner Protection Office of British Columbia.
It was an “impartial” study. I think it is a pretty accurate synopsis. I have been in contact with the author before about her study.

Speaking of realtors, we should be sure that we set our destiny not those from other associations (Realtors and others) who would likely love to excert their oversite.

I agree
That way we determine what we’re worth and not others. If a realtor can make 6% for sitting on his butt, I can’t see why we can not charge more since it is the H.I. that determines the safety issues, building and structure issues etc…I think our input has a little more value than a realtor’s.


I agree with you with one exception Realtors are lucky if they make 3% now.

That could be because home sell for a lot of money in Toronto .
In My Area the average home sells for around $200,000:00 and it is rare for them to be listed at 5% most are 6% .
Many of the agents in this area also control who does the inspection .
They just love the soft Home Inspector who charges less and is in and out in just over one Hour.

3% of a $1,000,000 I could live with that. And still 3% of $500,000 I could still live with that. (Damn smilies still not working so i’ll write mr. green face.)

Low licensing fees.

Oh yah…
We get to stay in our Association of choice and not be forced to join others to meet a requirement.


In all fairness to these guys they do work hard for this money.They advertise heavy,spend their weekends at open houses etc. and not all that money is theirs.That $500K home could have been a split with another agent.
Do still think you could live with that:p :slight_smile: :smiley: :o :wink: :cool: :mad: :frowning: :eek: :neutral: :twisted: :roll: :wink: :shock: :mrgreen:

My smiles are working just fine Gerry!!

Those agent’s who split their fees are the ones usually doing nothing they list a property and hope it sells so they get a bit of commission they hope to earn their money on volume while making the other agents do most of the work. The guy who keeps it all is the hustler. But stll $15,000 to $30,000 to list a house and sign some papers. While we take the risks of verifying the condition of the home and if we get it wrong we pay through the nose. I don’t know, I just see an imbalance or an injustice there somewhere. (what Agent pays $5000.00 for E&O?)
I say let’s start a revolution and charge 1%. :wink:

I did a one Million home a few weeks ago the agent double ended it so even at 5% $50,000:00 . split with the office 1/2 = $25,000;00 and he got a refural fee for the home the people in Toronto had . $5,000;00 ? 3 of these a year is not bad money . I got my usuall $399:00 .
Another guy said he would do it for $200:00. Very easy home to do .
The agents pay about $200;00 for insurance.


Recognition for experience and qualifications regardless of affiliation ie:CHAPI, OHAI NACHI etc.
Most important: Level playing field for all