Craftsmanship (poor) keeps us busy

Here’s pictures of a newly completed deck. It was built by a contractor believe it or not.

Deck 9-220.jpg

Deck 7-220.jpg

Deck 8-220.jpg

Deck 1-220.jpg

Deck 2-220.jpg

Looks like a bit a alcohol was being consumed during construction.

The system now allows larger pictures to be uploaded.

We have specialized deck builders around here now, not to say that they do everything correct, but major improvement over the framers/handymen building decks. Most of those decks built in the late 70’s and 80’s and early 90’s are ugly and extremely dangerous.

Here is one I did yesterday. The homeowner was bragging how him and his dad built the deck and that it is solid as a rock. In the picture it looks crooked. It is over 2" off by the corner.:shock:


Ofcourse it is, so water sheds off faster. Darn Home Inspectors!


I saw a pergo type floor the other day with cuts like the 4th picture.