Crawl space architectural design

Anyone seen a crawl space done this way? Half cinder blocks half wood. Location is north atlanta.


That looks goofy. I have never seen a crawlspace designed/built like that.

Let me add that it is on a hill.

The horizontal 2x4s baffle me, for one, non-the-less. And, is the PT 6x6 sitting on wood on the ground?

Foundations on hills are hard to get right. I wouldn’t be afraid to request the prints, with the architectural seal on them. And, if they are not available, to have an SE look at that.

Are the Horizontal 2 x 4s there for lateral support?? IMO, the complete design is dubious at best. Definitely a recommendation for an SE if signed off prints are not available. I would be interested if this design was approved.

That is what we call a non-prescriptive structural assembly. And I would be shocked if an engineer or architect signed off on that.

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The overall slenderness of the piers should be a red flag, I’d say, especially with those apparent hinges between the top of the concrete blocks and bottom of the 2x6s. Also, the lateral bracing of the 2x in the foreground looks more like a dangerous mechanism than lateral brace should either pier tilt on its footing. Please let us know what you find out regarding design and approval.

What were the piers holding up?