Crawl Space Drainage

We are building a home in Georgia. We tried to get a CO and the county inspector told us he needed to see drainage in the crawl space. We’ve never heard of this. When the foundation was inspected no one said anything. I asked a friend’s father who is a private home inspector and he said there is no code for drainage in a crawl space. Long story short, inspector made us drill a hole in our foundation wall and put a pipe in for drainage of a dry crawlspace. Just wanted to see if anyone knows whether this is required or if we are getting jerked around. We have a french drain around the entire foundation that is working well.

Not a bad Idea I have no idea what the requirements are in your area ,
but have found in the past to never get on the wrong side of the Government inspector .
They can make life hell and the added cost can sure upset every thing .
He also could be doing you a big favor having you put in a proper sump hole for when that big rain that we never want to see comes and you are the lucky person who is able to keep your Crawl space dry remember to thank that inspector .
I do know a person who bought a place in S.C. in the dry weather and when they moved in WOW! where did all the water come from in the Crawl space .
My Thoughts Roy Cooke

Oh, we definitely didn’t go against him, we want to get in the house so the drain is in. He has just been angry and very short with us and he didn’t want to explain what he wanted. This was the second time he failed it for the same reason when we thought the problem was taken care of. The other inspectors have been cooperative up until now.

Thank him and tell him how much you appreciate his concern and does he know of any other things that would be a good idea to put in that would not cost a lot to do .
I do want this home to be as good or better then most are.
Cost nothing to be polite and not confrontational.
Please realize he meets lots of builders who are always trying to scam him and get away with things
Roy Cooke

If he “failed it” it’s because it didn’t meet a code in your area. The fault is with your builder, not the inspector.

What county is this in? I would like to research that.

It is in Gwinnett County. I would look it up if I knew where to look.