Crawl Space of the Month!

1900’s crawlspace accessed from basement. Note the floor support system! along with a termite inspector, we did find active powder post beetls infestation, unusual to find live beetles. :slight_smile:







Looks nice and dry! No need for a vapor barrier!

Don’t bust it too hard. My crawl space is very similar!

My God, how do you report on something like that - just hand it over to a structural engineer?

What a mess.
Walking to the next potential buy would be in order to not waste to much time for all parties involved. :mrgreen:

I think the potential buyer is walking (or running) away from this 3 unit property. The inspection rates at or near the top of total visible structural defects I have found on one inspection. Underpaid on this one, but the client is very appreciative and will be calling back for the next one. :slight_smile:

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What is a crawl space?

Everything around here is slab on grade.

Crawlspace: A part of many inspections that requires a great amount of physical effort, inspection skills and lots of additional report writing time. Your realtors inspector will charge only $25 to peek inside but you should find a real inspector that is physically able and willing to inspect the whole thing and provide a detailed report of the problems. Only about 1 out of 1000 crawlspaces will be clear of any inspection issues.

When I come across a system like the crawl space you posted about…

…I note that there are numerous deficiencies and that the entire area be reviewed for repairs or replacement by someone qualied to do so and in this case before close of escrow.

I used to note all the defects but it seems to be a waste of time when there are so many.

I made a general comment section in my report for each area, and it comes in handy on the below average numerous repairs home.

For those working under a SOP, I doubt if you are legally allowed to omit issues from the report by writing a blanket statement. Think about it, now someone else has to go back and inspect the house to see what needs repairing. A job you already charged for and did not complete.

I don,t think so. IMHO

I think numerous deficiencies sums it up pretty well. I would of added the entire crawlspace needs to be reviewed by a qualified professional. I only do this when the system or component is in really bad shape.

Like an electrical panel. Why list all defects when they are numerous.

Also I would of had the pictures you took in the report highlighting and explaining the defects. I would not need to have 5 pics of the same type of defect as one pic would be sufficient and noting that all supports need to be evaluated for repairs or replacement.

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