Great Crawlspace!

Eat you heart out Sean F, Troy P, and all you other crawlspace crawlers!

I’m going to lobby for a law that this what every crawl space should like like.

It can even be accessed from inside!

1525 Stonehenge Rd 074.JPG

1525 Stonehenge Rd 077.JPG

Talk about treating it as an interior space. Fetch about $800 rent by me

Nice! With a little extra work it could have been a basement, no? :shock:

Easily. The other half was on the other side. It wasn’t quite as nice, but was 6 foot tall with poured concrete floor. It housed the other two air handlers and the heat pump hybrid water heater.

Man cave was a large room with kitchenette (er…bar) and bath over the detached garage.

I think it’s one of the very few homes I’ve inspected that I would actually buy, except 3900 sq ft is just too big for me now!

I get a lot of crawl spaces like that in a couple of high-end, hillside neighborhoods here. I did find one similar in a beach area many years ago, seen below.

found 8.jpg.jpg

did they leave that creeper for you to lay on and roll around to do your inspection, or did you bring it along?

I stood upright and walked around in the one mentioned here, I’m 6 feet tall.

It was already there, but I didn’t use it.

In most of the hillside McMansion homes here that have crawlspaces, I can easily walk around in them. The biggest one was a crawl space that, wait for it, was 39’ tall. I never do McMansions alone, so at that one, one of my employees volunteered to climb the trusses to get to the tip top of the crawl space. Then he held on to a 100’ tape measure and dropped the heavy end to me so we could get a measurement. That was back in 2004, and it still ranks as the tallest. I do get a lot of 10-15’ crawl spaces in that area, as well as in some of the hillside homes out in Julian, sixty miles from me as the crow flies but three hours as the car drives.

Russel, I disclaim roofs that are that tall! I would have a tough time disclaiming a crawl space because it’s too high :shock:

True, but a crawlspace that high is no different from an attic that high, and I have a few attics like that in the Kensington, Mission Hills, and Bankers Hill areas here.