Crawl space only inspection Agreement

Hey Guys

I am performing a crawl space only inspection for a guy next week. Does anyone have an inspection agreement tailored to partial inspections or single component inspections?

I have a fancy home inspection agreement that my attorney did for a whole house inspection but it is so tailored to Oregon’s SOPs that I would essentially have to rewrite the whole thing to make it work.


Yeah I say hire someone else to do the sh i t work. Unless you are getting a premium why be the scum that takes the crap work no one else wants?

Unless you’re starving then I understand but feel for ya :slight_smile: Good luck.

I agree…

What Michael said.

Move on do not do it .
I agree not worth the effort .

No! Don’t listen to them , make yourself some quick cash.
I want to keep on moving ! Hell ! This one crawl could be your lead in to bigger better jobs.
I don’t leave the office if I don’t get $150. I’m in north Florida so adjust to whatever your market can handle
I’ll do a crawl for 150 today or anyday … 20-30 min at the most ! Come on Guys !
As for the agreement write one up yourself.
Yada Yada !
Take your regular agreement and deleted all that doesn’t pertain.


Just wondering why the regular inspector if there was one is not doing it :smiley:

Something to think about.

I would not do it for $500 if it were flea or tick infested…

You didn’t have to say fleas… No … I hate them little b a s t a r d s.
Fleas = $500
If I make it to heaven the first thing I’m gonna ask God about is why in the hell did you create fleas and mosquitoes.

However, If it was just a simple 2000sq crawl ,a couple of miles down the road .
You wouldn’t do it ?
When I get asked for such I try to turn it into a complete insp and whey usually go for it…

I addition ,I did a crawl about 6 month ago and got half way under and realized I didn’t have my respirator on. Screw it ! I said.
I was sick with chest congestion for weeks.

See what I mean. Someone else passed for a reason. Just make sure you always take advantage “not in a bad way” but in a way you deserve when folks are trying to get over on you.

Just an idea, I have a section in mine that says if the scope of the inspection differs from the SOP write it in here: Just do that.

I agree with Roy, before the flea drift.

Charge accordingly, give them a great inspection and you may receive many more full inspections down the road.

25 Years ago when I was remodeling house I went to a lady’s house to fix a drawer in her kitchen, she went on to tell me how she couldn’t get anyone to come over for such a small job and that she got my name from a friend of hers when we were working on their house.

Three months later I signed a contract to build an 8 car garage with a full upstairs and I put an addition on her house and remodeled every room inside her house…turns out her husband was the one who started the 10 minute oil changes around us.

I say write up your own agreement and do the inspection, whether you are slow, steady or swamped, You never know what it down the road.

Thanks guys

I’m with you Mike, besides there is also the black widow & the brown recluse to be concerned with. Today when a client says there is a crawlspace, I up-charge $250 and hope they say no.

Sissy !

wow-I charge $35 extra for crawl space. About 70% of homes around here have them.

I would charge more in Florida, though. Your chances of maybe stumbling on a ball python or Anaconda are increased down there.

I like being at the TOP of the food chain!! :|.)

Down here we have tons of stuff that could ruin your day for sure but I have yet to see a crawl I would not have to army crawl anyhow and I don’t do that. Unless someone starts shooting at me then I would definitely kiss dirt.

My Friend
What is it that you don’t like about crawls…Boogers ?
I’d rather do a craw than an attic in August here in FL.
Here in the past 6 months I’ve done many 100 year old plus dwellings.
I look at the ways they construct them at the turn of the century and I’ve been fascinated at the construction practices.
Don’t get me wrong ! They pay for the crawls.
Don’t mention fleas please.

Dirt and yes boogers if they are there as well. Part of my problem with this biz is the utter filth and absolutely soaked conditions I get in and then stay that way for the day. You have to understand I mistakenly thought these days were long time gone for me. Life has thrown me a great big shi t sandwich and I just do what I do to get by hating every minute of every day :frowning: only thing for sure is I am honest about how I feel and help all those who ask. I have heard Karma is supposed to come back around but I have helped 100’s with and get jobs and I have not had a break in many years. Except of course my heal… I cannot explain how much I dislike it and foolishly “wish” I had my old life back. I say foolishly because wish in one hand and shi t in the other and tell me which one fills up quicker.

It is all a frame of mind.
Be here now !

Here sucks :frowning:

Just being honest. I am not one to blow smoke up anyone’s a s s especially my own.