Crawl space plumbing

ran into this last week
how do people let it go this far?


I hope you had your respirator on. That sure looks like asbestos insulation to me.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I didn’t see a leak. :wink:

Pic taken from scuttle panel.
Active leaks in other spots.
Called out the “possible asbestos based product”

Ground was covered with old boards, abandoned pipes, etc…
No way to navigate the crawl without risking damage.

out of sight - out of mind…

Many people go “out of mind” when they learn that $10,000 of their equity has to be spent or discounted to sell a neglected house.

In a perfect world our phones would be ringing mostly for maintenance and pre-listing inspections.

At least there was no toilet paper on the ground. :roll:

15-05-2006  77 (Small).JPG