Crawlspace coverall recommendation?

I’ve been using Craftsman coveralls. I’m looking for something that’s durable/washable even indestructible. One problem with the mine is the pockets always take in a bunch of dirt as I crawl I even sowed the pockets shut. So no pockets would be good. Any recommendations?

I was looking at:

I just buy the tyvec coveralls from Lowe’s or Home Depot. I probably spelled that incorrectly. But I buy a bag of them. Along with the shoe covers.
I don’t want to wash or care for anything where I’ve been crawling underneath places. I want to use them a couple of times and throw them away.
It’s a business write-off


I bought a 5.11 TDU 75004 jumpsuit some years ago and the thing has been super durable. Unfortunately, they don’t make them anymore. If you can find a leftover in your size, it will have a great price.

I don’t want to wash anything I want to throw it away.

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Nearly impossible, as every time I wear Tyvek coveralls they rip or tear, and are “done” before the end of the first use. Plus you come out soaked from moisture.

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Same here, I started using tyvek and they always ripped and were hot as hell.
Now I were a pair of Wall’s coveralls. They last pretty long, generally 3-4 years unless I rip them first.

Just buy whatever coveralls you like best and then buy a little tool called a ‘seam ripper’ and remove the pockets yourself. Alternatively, you could sew on flaps over the pockets (with velcro closures to keep most of the dirt out).

If you’ve never done any tailoring before, just watch a couple youtube videos and then take your time, so that you continue to look professional.

Or, just hire a tailor. Either option should be pretty cheap. Check out your local dry-cleaner for basic tailoring services like this.

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Turn them inside-out… pockets on the inside!!


I used to use tyvek coveralls, because I liked the convenience of throwing them away after use. More often than not they used to rip before I made it out of the crawl space.

I made the switch to the Dickies flex coveralls, and haven’t looked back. I also use a balaclava. Once I strip everything off, I’m always clean as a whistle.

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Lakeland disposable coverall. Head to toe style. Buy them on Amazon for about $6 each in a bundle quantity.
Otherwise $13 each at big box store.

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The Redkap brand fits a little more sung that their sizing suggests.

My issue with them is I have wide shoulders and found it was harder to get them on/off even though it fit just fine when it was on.

I prefer Dickies.

Your best bet for a reusable coverall are military flight suits. They have multiple zippered pockets, velcro staps on the sleeves, zippered flared foot openings and they are made of light weight, durable and fire resistant nomex material.

Look for them on ebay you should be able to find some used ones in your size for a reasonable price. I recommend getting either the large size or a size or two bigger as it makes it easier to take off and allows more air circulation.

I have 5 or 6 pairs I bought in a lot and when they get dirty I just stop at the laundry mat and wash and dry them all at once. The nomex drys super fast

I use the short sleeve Dickies mechanics brand. Paintball elbow guards and a Krawlgear.…0…1…gws-wiz…0…0i71j0i67j0j0i131j0i10j0i13i30.b525oiLER1Q

I use mostly Tyvek coveralls. It seems many of the crawls spaces have a lot of rodent droppings etc. I don’t want to bring any of that home to wash. I use the ones with the hood when I crawl under decks. Protects me some from any wasps/yellow jackets that are nesting this time of year. The yellow jackets seem bad this year in Ohio! Always have a can of spray during the crawl!

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Yep! And I usually buy them two sizes bigger. I’m 6-1 weigh 240 lb.

Superdroid Robots they sell a crawl space inspection robot. No need to go into the crawl space.

I use Dickies long sleeve that I got on amazon. Super durable.

You really believe that?

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Why wouldn’t :eye:? I’m a retired employee of 8 years with SDR. Great owners and highly skilled developers, programmers, machinists and mechanics. Check out their website!