Down under clothing

I’m on my last tyvex suit and am considering some other options. While the tyvex suits are inexpensive, case of 25 for under 80 bucks, I find they just don’t stand up to a crawlspace. I’m having to replace the suit after one use and want something that is stronger and will stand up to multiple uses.

I’ve thought about something I could wash but the thought of putting clothing in the washing machine after pulling myself along a Michigan basement does not seem like such a good idea.

What are you all wearing in attics and crawls.

I use cheap two piece rain suits. when I’m done, I throw it in a 5 gallon pal of soapy water and hang it up to dry. If you choose to do this, buy two, that way while one is drying you have one to wear on the next inspection if needed. also, be sure to wear knee pads, the cheapo suits tear easily.

A good set of coveralls might meet your needs.


I agree, that’s what I use. Get a couple pair and wash a couple times a week. I find the cheapest ones at WalMart. Plus they have pockets for “stuff”. :slight_smile:

Rain suits? Interesting idea for sure. When you are in an attic don’t you find the rain suit to be unbearable to wear considering the heat?

I have some better tyvek for the crawl spaces that may be a little moist but normally use some fully light weight toss away dust coveralls. They have elastic sleeves, built in boot covers and a hood. Locally a box of 25 is $35.00. They are great for dry crawls and attics. Any moisture at all and they are no good. Here is the LINK.

There is an inspector in the Puget Sound area that had a custom made pair of coveralls. Made of light blue rip stop nylon parachute material. He had dark blue pads of naugahyde sewn on at the elbows, knees, thighs and other areas of potential wear. Everyone out there calls him “the smurf” and he loves it.

These are what I use and they wear very well.

I only use rainsuits in crawl spaces.

I use cover-alls from TSC (Tractor supply). They cost about $25.00 each and two pairs have lasted 5 years. My wife hangs them on the line and beats the dirt out of them before she puts them in the wash.


My wife would only take the time to do this, if I was still wearing it.


How many inspectors who post on this board wear tyvex suits or coveralls in attic spaces? Just curious.

Vince, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who knows what a Michigan basement is!
Greetings from Ludington :slight_smile:

And GREAT WEBSITE. I’m impressed

Thanks, Bill, I’ll remember TSC…I shake mine out before washing…upside down because of the pockets which I would like to zip shut but $25, like mine, is a good price.

Hope you’re doing great in GR. I had the best April ever and May is good so far too.

Well that place has been part of my annual vacation for pretty much my whole life. My father used to take us up for a day or so, to enjoy shoreline drive, on our way further north for cherry picking etc. It’s been sort of a tradition for me and I have taken my family there over the years which the kids just love. I’ve spared them the migrate work though. :wink:

I ware Romax in the crawls had the original 7 pairs for the last 12 years and only have one pair with holes in the knees. I save it for special crawls:D </IMG>

We love it here, next time you are comming up, look me up.